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The Top-Spot for Archers & Crossbow Shooters on Koh Samui

Flying Arrow, where Robin Hood`s are made

Ready for Archery?

Whether you are an occasional archer, a professional or a sporty family… we have the right equipment for you. Our goal is to advise customers with “know-how” so that they enjoy spending time with us.

No reservation or booking required. Come over and have fun!

Thai & Western Food Restaurant

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In our Restaurant, we serve breakfast, lunch & dinner. We prepare the food only with fresh products, which come daily from the local market. Our menu includes typical Thai food as well as Western food.

Do you want to buy your own equipment?

Please visit our Online-Shop. We have a good selection of bows, crossbows and everything that goes with them…
Shooting by us with own equipment is individual, more fun and saves money.

Archery used as sports equipment

Archery, once a crucial tool for hunting and warfare, has evolved into a captivating sport, combining precision, focus, and athleticism. As a sports equipment, the bow and arrow serve as the primary tools for enthusiasts to hone their skills and compete. Archery demands a unique blend of physical strength and mental composure. Athletes draw their bows with precision, aiming to strike targets with pinpoint accuracy. The sport’s appeal lies in its accessibility to all ages and skill levels, making it a popular choice for both recreational and competitive archers. With its rich history and modern popularity, archery stands as a timeless and engaging sport.

Crossbows used as sports equipment

Crossbows, historically known for their military applications, have found a new niche as sports equipment. The precision, power, and skill required to operate a crossbow make it an engaging and challenging sport. Archery clubs and enthusiasts around the world now embrace crossbow shooting as a competitive activity. Athletes hone their accuracy by shooting at targets from varying distances, with bullseyes as the ultimate goal. Crossbow sports demand a steady hand, keen focus, and impeccable timing. Safety measures are paramount, ensuring a secure environment for participants. This unique fusion of history and athleticism has transformed crossbows into thrilling and revered sporting equipment.