3D Hunting Course

On our 3D Hunting Course for Bows and Crossbows you can compete against others or do a training session. The round with 12 targets takes about 40-50 min.

3D archery is like field archery, in that it is set out on a course of 12-20 animal targets in different sizes. Instead of shooting at paper targets, each archer shoots at foam 3D animal shaped targets. The distances are not specified but sighted bows will shoot up to 60m and unsighted bows up to 30m.
Typical distances range from 10m to 40m depending on the individual target size and the setup. The scoring area of a 3D foam target is divided into three parts: the heart area, the vital area and the non-vital area.

Ready for Hunting?

Our 3D targets can be shot at with a bow or crossbow. We have a selection of suitable rental equipment complete with arrows and accessories, available for you.

Flying Arrow Animal Course