CHESTER 430 Compound Crossbow

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200lbs / 425fps

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This bow is identical to the rebranded US version: “Centerpoint Wrath 430” 


The Chester 430 compound crossbow is our most powerful model, equipped with bullpup design and reverse cam technology that makes the construction much shorter and narrower than others. The crossbow features a slim profile, making it ideal for stalking and has the speed, power and accuracy you need on your next hunt.

With a speed of 420 – 430 feet per second and an energy output of 164 foot-pounds, this crossbow is ready to take down your next target whether in a tree stand or at the shooting range.

Another advantage of the Chester 430 is the foldable foot stirrup that you can also use as a bipod. To reduce vibration and noise, the bow is equipped with vibration dampers between the cams and limbs and on the string stops. To prevent dry fire, it is equipped with an anti-dry fire system. Picatinny rails are mounted on both the top and bottom of this crossbow. On the lower rail you can mount the foregrip and quiver that come with this package and so is includes everything you need to get started.

We recommend the following accessories:

PURE CARBON BOLTS 20″/450gr for Compound Crossbow ( Alu Nock)

CROSSBOW CRANK for “Chester” MK-XB65 Compound Crossbow


  • Draw weight: 200 LBS
  • Arrow speed: 425 fps
  • Power Stroke 14″
  • Weight: 3.6 kg (Bow only)
  • Length: 72.3 cm  Width: 33,0 cm
  • Upper rail & Lower rail: 20 mm Picatinni
  • CNC mashined aluminium flight rail
  • Including 4x scope
  • Including quiver, cocking rope & carrying strap
  • Including 4 standard alu crossbow bolts 20″
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty


About MK-Crossbows (Man Kung):
The Taiwanese manufacturer, established in 1988, is dedicated to designing and manufacturing a wide range of crossbows and related archery equipment. Since 2012 is part of Mirito Outdoor B.V. and was founded by Alle Hooghiemstra. They are dedicated to the research and development of new crossbows and archery products to meet current market demands.

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1 review for CHESTER 430 Compound Crossbow

  1. Michael

    Thank you for your review…
    The Chester 430 is an absolute power machine… The wild boars should be careful 😉

  2. kevinmoth

    This is a serious weapon. Not for the faint hearted or idiots. The engineering is remarkable, how with only such a small change of shape of the prod members it can develop such power. None of my friends can load it easily manually. I used to deadlift 200 kilos (not anymore) and if I had to load it more than 3 times I would be finished. So I recommend buying the optional ‘silent crank’ because you can also unload the bow so you don’t keep it under mechanical strain for too long. Take time to sight in the bow and it will shoot true every shot. This weapon is lethal at 100 metres or even further. I bought mine for Wild Boar but as yet have not got out into the forest to shoot any. This is a very powerful crossbow and if you are not experienced will scare the crap out of you with its sheer power.

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