BEARPAW REDMAN Recurve Hunter Bow 50lbs

฿ 17`900.00

50lbs / 62″

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The perfect bow for you – design, functionality & aesthetics in perfect combination.

The Bodnik bow Redman in its ultimate design. The Redman delivers ultimate performance. Shot after shot with incredible arrow speed. For this, the Redman is known throughout the world of traditional archery and bowhunting and has already won awards in America.

Product information at a glance:

  • Bow type: One-piece hunting recurve
  • Bow length 62″
  • Recommended draw length 62 inch: 27-32″
  • Draw weight: 50lbs
  • Limbs: Super Speed limbs with different veneers
  • String: BEARPAW Whisper String
  • String length 62″
  • Quality: Handmade Bodnik Bows
This bow is the last in this model series and is therefore available at a greatly reduced price (-25%) !
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