ALLIGATOR II Pistol Crossbow

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The Alligator II has a length-adjustable stock that allows you to shoot more accurately. The stock also acts as a lever when you are cocking the crossbow: you can fold it down which causes the string to be pulled back. This MK-TCS2G is standard equipped with a safety catch, an adjustable sight and a removable front grip.


-Colors: Green or black
-Draw weight: 80 lbs
-Velocity: 185 – 210 fps
-Accurate up to 20 meters
-Weight: 898 grams
-Length: 50,8 cm
-Width: 41,9 cm
-Upper rail type: 20 mm picatinny
-Manufacturer’s warranty 2 years


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About MK-Crossbows (Man Kung):
The Taiwanese manufacturer, established in 1988, is dedicated to designing and manufacturing a wide range of crossbows and related archery equipment. Since 2012 is part of Mirito Outdoor B.V. and was founded by Alle Hooghiemstra. They are dedicated to the research and development of new crossbows and archery products to meet current market demands.

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  1. Michael

    A nice pistol-crossbow well made for a lot of fun…

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