Hunting Course

Hunting Course

“Flying Arrow” offer a training course with huntable animal targets. The training course takes place on the 1st Saturday every month, mornings.

Start of the course is 9am. Shooters can start in the following classes: 

Kids: Any bow or crossbow shoot at distances up to 15m. Adults: Longbow/Barebow up to 30m. Compoundbow up to 40m. Crossbow up to 40m. Combination Bow-Crossbow up to 40m.

Groups of 2 to 4 competitors shoot without knowing the distances. There are 2 arrows shot per target, according to the international rules of the I.B.O. (4 zones, 11, 10, 8, 5 Points) The realistic 2D animal foto targets have hit zones drawn on them to indicate the vital areas on a real animal.

We alternate with different target series, they match the hunting areas in America, Europe, Australia or Africa.

Hunt hard or stay at home !